The Society of Grownups


Where: The Society of Grownups, Brookline – Directions
When: Class & Event Schedule
How Much: Prices vary, some events are free

When you walk into the Society of Grownups building in Brookline, it feels like you’re walking into a hip coffee shop, not a financial planning center. You’re greeted with coffee and tea, but there’s much more than espresso being served here.

Society of Grownups is a financial literacy initiative started by Mass Mutual and IDEO in 2014. The group of seven people, who started the company, saw that a new generation was coming to adult age with little financial knowledge and no where to turn to for advice. The founders felt that millennials needed a type of financial planning that spoke their language.

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“We’re really trying to be a place that opens up the conversation about money and adulthood in general and what goes into that,” said Brandi Diaz, part of the Community Team at Society of Grownups. “There’s really no where to go, besides your parents, and what if they don’t know. This is a place where you can get trusted financial advice.”

The classes range from Loans and Groans: A Student Debt Workshop to Buying a Home: The Homebuying Process. Most classes cost $30 dollars and last an hour and 30 minutes. The financial planning center hosts free networking nights with ranging topics. You can also go in for a one-on-one financial planning session with a certified financial planner. Your first 20-minute session is free, and then they incur  a cost. A 90-minute session is $100 dollars.


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