The Social Beings Project


Where: Danger!AwesomeDirections
7:00-9:00 pm, weekday night – See website for up to date schedule
How Much: $10 per workshop

The Social Beings Project is a fun new series of workshops aimed at strengthening your social skills, meeting new people (outside of a bar), and having a fun time.

Founder, Katie Greenman, is a certified life coach, has a masters in Human Development, and graduated from comedy school. This diverse combination of qualifications reflects the kind of event this is. There are moments of real openness and truth, but always with a side of humor and light heartedness. Greenman is focused on creating a safe place for people to talk about the unspoken.

“You don’t often to have spaces to practice that or get support or talk to people on the same page,” said Greenman. “And so this is not group therapy at all in my mind, but it might kind of provide the same sense of community and healing through it.”

The event is held inside Danger!Awesome in Cambridge. It’s a makers studio that converts into The Social Beings meet-up.

The vibe inside the room was welcoming and excitable, and everyone wanted to know your name. The night started with brief introductions and a presentation about the night’s theme, spontaneity. After a couple group ice breakers, the 35 attendees split up into smaller groups and were each given an envelope. In that envelope was your mission for the night.


The Social Beings Project founder, Katie Greenman, facilitates a workshop. Photo by The Social Beings Project Facebook.

I was part of a “creative” team (other teams included self care and relationships). Our mission was to go outside and talk to strangers on the streets. We had to ask each question to ten different people and ourselves.

What is your favorite trait about humans?

What is your favorite thing about nature?

“It was really eye-opening,” said Social Beings Project attendee Sam Broadhurst. “It was interesting to see how random strangers on the street react to you when you go up to talk to them.”

This was a fun and unique event. If you’re looking for a laid-back and meaningful way to spend a weekday night, check it out.


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