Aeronaut Brewery is Where It’s At

In a Haze: Studying Marijuana

Where: Aeronaut Brewing Co. Google Directions
When: April 20, 2016 … 4/20
How Much: Free event, Cash bar

Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville has a budding event schedule. There’s something going on almost every day.

On April 20, the brewery hosted an event in collaboration with Harvard and the Cambridge Science Festival called In a Haze: Studying Marijuana. On the celebrated day of cannibus, 4/20, attendees came to learn about the science of marijuana and enjoy a craft beer.

Researchers discussed the challenges of studying an illegal substance (in Massachusetts at least). Topics covered the cognitive and environmental effects of marijuana, while reviewing how America’s stance on the drug has changed over time.

The goal was to open up a casual, intelligent conversation over hoppy beer.


Aeronaut’s Brewery in Somerville is a quirky, laid-back space that hosts some great music and events. Photo from Aeronaut’s Facebook page.


Check out one of Aeronaut Brewery’s many events or just go in for a beer. The atmosphere is creative, the beer is authentically delicious, and there’s something unrefined and real about it that I admire. They are a relatively new company with a relatable story.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.04.50 PM

Co-founder Ben Holmes explained to me that the Aeronaut logo is more than just a beer can tab.



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