AnitiGravity Aerial Yoga

 A unique experience: Gravity-defying Yoga

Where: Swet Studio – Google Map Directions
When: Daily classes, click here for the schedule
How Much: $28 for three classes, check online for current prices

Aerial yoga is one of the coolest fitness classes I’ve ever taken. I couldn’t suppress my giddy smile as I climbed into the silk hammock at Swet Studio on Friday night.

Swet Studio’s AntiGravity FUNdamentals is a 60-minute beginners class for the silk hammock apparatus. We started by getting into a simple sitting position and transitioned to laying down on our backs into floating savasana. The hammock material is thin but long enough to extend from your head to your toes. The instructor reassured us that the material is strong enough to hold a baby elephant.

It was such a foreign and welcomed feeling of weightlessness. The silk material is so thin that you feel like your floating in the air.


Kerry Cotter and Lauren Wilkes hang upside down for a picture after class.

Don’t be intimidated by this class. The instructor, Jennifer Heynh, safely led us step-by-step into some really fun positions. I would have never thought I’d be able to swing upside down, but Heynh easily led us in to each pose.

“A lot of people are super super nervous,” said Heynh. “And then once they get comfortable, the joy of seeing them relax is amazing.”

AntiGravity is the trademarked name of the company that makes the hammock. Since 1991, Christopher Harrison has produced more than 400 entertainment productions using AntiGravity. He realized that the hammock had health benefits, so he created a device for the general public and now it’s popping up in gyms in over 30 countries.

This class was a welcomed change from my normal fitness routine and a unique thing to do in Boston. I didn’t get an intense workout, but it was a refreshingly new experience. I will be trying the Levitation class next!


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