Top of the Hub

Grab a Drink and Take in the View

Where: Top of the Hub – Directions
When: Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, 11:30am–1:00am
How Much: It’s free to go check out the view, but you’ll want to order a cocktail…

You don’t have to spend 50+ dollars on dinner in order to check out the view. Grab a friend and go for a drink at the bar. The cocktails are still expensive, but order one and enjoy the atmosphere before you head out to the bars (where you can indulge in dollar drafts).

The lounge has live music every night, usually a jazz ensemble. The two young artists that were playing piano and singing when we were in the lounge were amazing, performing jazzy renditions of pop songs.

The secret insider tip–take your martini and wander down the hall towards the door to the kitchen (just follow the food) and you’ll find a big window with a great view of Back Bay and Fenway. You’ll be able to spot the Citgo sign! Chances are they’ll be a group of people huddled around the window, it’s a popular spot.

The cocktails are around 15 dollars. I could think of many other ways to use fifteen dollars than on four ounces of liquor and juice, but thats not the point here! Buy it, experience it, enjoy it. I would highly recommend the BostonBee, but they all looked good.IMG_0152Cocktail menu



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