Big Air at Fenway Gains Big Boston Love

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Watched skiers fly off a massive snow ramp in Fenway Park.

Where: Fenway Park Directions
When: February 11-12, 2016, Gates opened at 6pm, closed at 10:30pm
How much: Tickets varied $30-150 depending on your seat section

Last weekend the oldest ballpark in major league baseball transformed into a snowboarding and free-skiing venue. Olympic athletes from around the world traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to take part in the first ever Polartec Big Air at Fenway.

The 140-foot snow ramp towered above the iconic Citgo sign and made the ambulances down below look like miniature toy cars. Each time a skier took off over the jump, I held my breath until they made a safe landing… or let out a yelp when they wiped out. There was a little bit of both on Friday evening.

The event started on Thursday night with the snowboarding competition, and continued Friday with skiing.

Both nights were the kind of cold that makes your snot freeze, but with the proper winter clothing, hand warmers, and $4.00 hot cocoa, it was very bearable.


Instead of hot dogs there was hot chocolate at the first ever Big Air at Fenway. Photo by Cat Trudell.

If you could swallow down a cold beer, that helped too.

There were thousands of people there Saturday night and crowd was lively despite the cold temperatures. The gates opened at 6pm but I would suggest showing up around 7pm when the action starts. The event ended with some live music from American Authors at 10pm.

And then if you’re up for more fun, the Fenway bars were… eventful.

If Big Air comes to Fenway Park again next year, I would put this on your to-do list.


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